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- [ Thursday, June 16, 2005 ] -
(not) Cheap Jewish CDs, part II

I'm also shopping for the newest Moshav Band CD, Malachim. I'm disappointed to say that I'm not pleased with their distribution.

Here is the results of my Google search.
  1. Israel-Music
    CD cost: $20.00
    Shipping: $4.00
    Total: $24.00
  2. AllThingsJewish.com, "Judaica and Jewish Gifts for All Occasions"
    CD cost: $15.00
    Shipping: $6.99
    Total: $21.99
That's it. Two places to get it. The first link is from an Israeli music website. I find the extremely high price to be standard for Israeli CDs. Shopping for CDs in Israel is an expensive experience. Israel also has an extremely high rate of media piracy. Are they related? Which one is the cause? The second link is also linked directly from the Moshav Band's website, thus indicating their preferred distributor.

$15 is a fair price for a CD (within the current music market), though not on the cheap end of the spectrum. They are a professional band with a professional sound, so I can accept it.

There is no excuse for $6.99 shipping (a charge that is all but hidden until after you enter a credit card number).

Sounds like a good time to call my local Jewish bookstores, right? $18.98 is cheaper by comparison. I called two local bookstores. Unfortunately, they don't carry it and they've never heard of it.

Not being associated with a major Jewish label, I know firsthand that distribution can be a pain in the butt. Currently, there are many businesses around that are geared for distributing CDs for a small band. The profit margins and amount of time that the artist needs to invest can vary, but no more than with a big-time distributor.

I've listened to the CD, and I'm going to buy it no matter what. It's a great CD. The $21.99 price tag makes me consider my budgetary restrictions.

Maybe I'll wait a little longer. I suppose the bookstores will eventually carry it. But I'd rather wait until the Moshav Band comes to town. I can buy directly from them. This is actually my preferred way of buying music from independent artists, as they keep a much larger percentage. That way, I don't have to pay the highly inflated (especially in this case) price of distribution.

have you tried www.froogle.com? I find it works better than just plain google - at least while shopping. I would also recommend CALLING Judaica stores in LA and NYC to see if they are carrying them in the store.
Judaica World - http://www.judaica-world.com/catalog.asp?dept=4
carries I think hundreds of CDs, but most of them are not listed on their website. I've called and had them ship things to me directly. And I know they carry Blue Fringe and Moshav band. You could also try calling Eichlers of Flatbush directly - they're also likely to carry both CDs. Hatzlocha!

Thanks M. I checked Froogle and Judaica-World for both. Froogle works better than Google for shopping by limiting and sorting the results of what comes out of the Google engine. As I suspected, Froogle only turned up what I saw on Google.

I could start calling out-of-town stores, and I'm sure I could save another dollar or two if I really pushed it, but at some point, price shopping just isn't worth my time.

I just posted some of the current pricing that I've seen, so other consumers can be a little more educated and possibly share their findings.

Thanks for the input.


This is the "bomb diggity."

I manage a jewish rock band called EDEN that will be releasing a CD in August... it's similar to Moshav in that they are more rock. In regards to your query...


This is the BOMB DIGGITY.

Alright, lets clear out some misconceptions here. Being involved with both the band and the site here's the scoop: The Moshav Band recently got signed! That's right they are now on a label. For one reason or the other, the record company does not want the band to distribute their newest release to stores because they feel it will compete with the upcooming records that are on the label. Makes sense? Dont think so either, but hey...guess thats what you gotta put up with in the process. That will explain why Malachim is not available in any stores in the US. The only way to purchase it is through their website and at concerts. Now about the shipping issue, the standard shipping cost for purchasing anything through the website is $6.99. Doesnt make a difference if you buy 10 heavy items or 1 CD, the shipping cost will remain the same. Noone is trying to hike it up, noone is trying to hide it. Its just the standard. As was mentioned previously, it is an AWESOME CD. Absolutely worth every penny and that is why it is currently sold out in the US. Whole new run is expected within 2 weeks!

Thank you for the input, Miriam, but you have cleared up nothing, nor have you demonstrated any misconceptions.

The new label signing is nothing but a scapegoat to deflect blame. The distribution problem remains the same. There is no reason for exclamation points. Demonstrate some positive information for the fans, and we can get excited.

The CD is not "only" available thru their site. In fact, the CD is not available from their site at all. The band website links to a third-party distribution store.

Paying $6.99 in shipping for one CD is unreasonable. You're using the corporate strategy of this online company as another scapegoat. In an effort to sell more merchandise, this store has a policy of making those who buy less pay for those who buy more. I'm not interested in purchasing a Mah-Jongg Menorah in an effort to bring down the perceived price of shipping.

You haven't been straight with any of the information. How is the CD "currently sold out in the US" if it's not available in stores? Please stop treating this blog's audience as idiots. Every word in your comment is trying to sell us on something we already want. The CD is clearly available in the US. This post is about distribution. We don't care if you think the album is "AWESOME."

After a cheaper place has already been pointed out, how can you have the nerve to pitch the party line?

Mostly Music is clearly the way to buy the least overpriced Jewish CDs.

Thanks for the tip on the CDs.

It's true that Moshav Band is Jewish rock and that Eden is Jewish rock. That's where the similarities end. Your Eden pitch is off-topic.

Oh my, arent we a bit bitter?! The CD being sold out in US means that it is sold out in US. Noone in the US has it (including the band). U r absolutely right, mostlymusic.com seems like the best alternative. Noone is trying to advertise anything here, so chill. Just giving u info. U r welcome.

"Bitter?" I'm not sure I understand how you're using the word, or why you think it's a put-down toward me. I'm obviously not content with the current situation, and extremely dissatisfied with the inadequate rationalizations about the situation.

I've had no bad experiences with the band nor do I have malice toward their organization. You can use "bitter" to describe how I feel about the costs, and how I feel toward someone telling me that what I think is too expensive is really very reasonable considering the circumstances. And even further, to go on to convince me I should be happy to pay an extra $5, because that's how much her store charges for shipping, at no benefit to me.

If I'm in the US, and I can purchase the CD over the internet, that means the CD is available in the US. And if that doesn't fit your definition of "available," then the entire statement is besides the point. I'm looking for a way to purchase the CD at a reasonable price. Even if the CD was "available" in a Jewish bookstore in my area, I can predict the cost will be in the same $18+ range, which I still find unacceptable.

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