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- [ Monday, June 06, 2005 ] -
The Hebrew Vibration Achdus Project
Farbrengiton recently was asked to participate in a compilation, one of a political nature. I'm overwhelmed by the big names, on this CD, as Farbrengiton is an unknown, especially in comparison. I'm very happy it's for a cause that touches me down to my soul.

The Hebrew Vibration Achdus Project

Please purchase this CD to support your fellow Jews who would like to keep their homes, communities, schools, shuls and graveyards in Gush Katif. Listen to both your favorite artists and new artists sing songs about Jewish unity and redemption. Blue Fringe, Moshav Band, Soulfarm, Piamenta, Andy Statman, Pey Dalid, White Shabbos, Heedoosh, Farbrengiton and more. Proceeds from the sale of this CD will go to charities that are trying to save Gush Katif.

This CD is dirt cheap--$10 including shipping. Buy one now, and buy another for your friend. Save Gush Katif. Save the Jewish nation. Save the world.

I apologize for the division of my audience, though I don't think my audience is that divided. I hope our music will be inspiring, and encourage everyone in our positive message. We donated our song, "I am a Jew" to the cause of Jewish unity, and to allow Jews to live on Jewish land, as they have done continuously for thousands of years. I do not believe that excising the Jewish population from parts of Israel is a good idea in any way, nor is it inevitable. But what do I know?

hey this is yerachmiel (gideon sword and yossi&yerachmiel) just wanted to let u know u got the best song on the album!

I keep getting requestes for I Am A Jew by Farbregiton. I played it on my show this week here: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Radio/News.aspx/606

Yerachmiel: Thanks! I really appreciate it. I think your song is great, too. I still listen to this album all the time. It's just a really good mix.

Israel Beat: No kidding! That's freakin' awesome! Thanks for dropping a line. I'll check it out and tell the other guys.

Maybe I'll have to start up the band again. Anyway, I let the old domain go, but I resurrected the Farbrengiton site at http://zrgmedia.com/fbio/

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