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- [ Thursday, June 09, 2005 ] -
Deafening Silence
When I started Farbrengiton, I noticed significant interest, especially in the tiny echo-chamber of the JM blogosphere. Every time I had any update with the band, I would see it mentioned on other blogs.

If I still have any readers, you will have noticed that I'm plugging a new CD, "The Hebrew Vibrations Achdus Project." It's a fund raiser to save Gush Katif. The CD was released on Sunday, and I started plugging it on Monday on the blog. The silence was deafening. Not a single comment and not a single mention anywhere else. I plugged it on the JM Yahoo Group and again, I didn't get a single response.

I wrote a quick e-mail to the JM blogfather, the Hasidic Musician. I let him know that I noticed his silence and I was curious about his take. He has great opinions about music, and certainly there were old themes that have been discussed before, new themes to discuss, or even just a mention about something that a lot of popular Jewish rock guys got behind.

This is the response I received.
I suppose I haven't mentioned it because I'm on-the-fence about the whole situation.
Fine. Acceptable. I can totally understand not wanting to risk dividing your audience for the sake of politics that aren't even yours.
I'm also of two minds about the idea of American residents getting involved at all. On the one hand, I support free speech and all Jews have a right to be concerned about Eretz Yisrael. On the other hand, perhaps this is a decision that Israelis -- the ones who will be directly affected by the ramifications here -- should be making without outside interference, as it were.

If the CD had been produced by Israeli artists, I'd definitely have mentioned it. I may yet, I'll give it some thought.
I have a problem with this. I've never heard this statement from an Israeli who doesn't disagree with the "outside interference" in question. This statement is generally biased and only comes from outsiders who personally don't want to get involved or those who disagree with the specific instance of interference.

Every Jew is allowed to feel strongly about his brothers being evicted from their homes because politics dictates that a Jew isn't allowed to live in a certain region. Every Jew is also allowed to feel strongly that the politicians have some kind of plan, though not revealed, and that giving entire Jewish cities to our enemies will somehow (I don't see it) bring peace and stability.

This political situation is global. Especially after hearing the world cry about our elections, and every other nation shouting and throwing money into every other country's politics, how can anyone with a strong opinion afford to be silenced by others with more nerve? I'm of the belief that every Jew has a responsibility to voice his opinion for the future of Israel, and especially to stand up directly for the fate of fellow Jews. Israel is a haven for all Jews of the world, and needs to be open for every Jew in their time of want or need. It's not just a secular state. Every Jew is tied to the State of Israel. All of your enemies, inside and outside of Israel, already have their money tied up in her fate. Why would you leave everything up to them?

It is all of our fates that are tied to the Disengagement agenda. Not that it would change my opinion on outsiders trying to affect change, I'm planning on making Aliyah (the exact schedule of this is not for publication at this time). You can ask the Jews who lived in Germany in the 1940s--not everyone gets to take his time and plan his Aliyah. A safe Israel is a necessity for all Jews. Voice your opinion and be heard.

Well said. A lot of our American brethren (even the frum ones) are apathetic toward the whole situation. Though there's something we can do here for the land and the people (like donating money to the cause), much more can be made on the Ground, thus I'm in complete solidarity with you about aliyah.

"I was not aware you lived outside of Israel. Anyone who voices the sort of opinions that you do belongs here... or should lower their voice/rhetoric... Until you leave Babylonia and move to Israel you can have all the opinions you want, but you will have no say. That was Ezra's policy... and it is the policy of the modern State of Israel. Deal with it" -- David Bogner (http://bogieworks.blogs.com/treppenwitz/2005/01/no_it_emwontem_.html in the comments)

I agree with you, Velvel, that every Jew is allowed to have and voice strong opinions about Israel. But DM isn't the only blogger who disagrees with us.

Thanks, Anonymous.

I love the Treppenwitz blog, but I definitely disagree with Mr. Bogner on this fine point. Not only that, but he actually proves my point. The only reason the commenter, DB, got reprimanded is because DB's opinion was contradictory to Bogner's.

Dude, you know I support you 100%. I also think Sharon needs to be "dealt" with accordingly. Anyways, the only reason I didn't jump on the opportunity to purchase the cd was b/c i had the condo closing and it cost major bank. Once i get my finances in order and see where i stand I will purchase the cd. Anything to stop this absolute madness.

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