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- [ Thursday, June 16, 2005 ] -
Cheap Jewish CDs?

Does anyone know the cheapest possible place to get the newest Blue Fringe CD?

Here is my preliminary findings on the interwebs, based on a single Google search. Also, for the sites that require registration to find the total cost, I filled out a bogus address in my zip code, and a temporary e-mail address I got from my Bloglines, velvel.12103782@bloglines.com (feel free to e-mail me anything you want!)
  1. Judaism.com
    CD cost: $17.95
    Shipping: $5.95
    Total: $23.90
  2. Eichlers.com, "The World's Judaica Store"
    CD cost: $14.99
    Shipping: $7.63 (the extra high shipping charge looks like a great way for the store to grab more money without paying any royalties)
    Total: $22.62
  3. 1800Eichlers, "The largest Judaica Store"
    CD cost: $15.99 (the customer is also shown "List Price $16.99." On what list?)
    Shipping: $5.00
    Total: $20.99
  4. Mostly Music, "The heartbeat of Jewish Music
    CD cost: $14.99
    Shipping: $1.99
    Total: $16.98
I called my local Jewish bookstore. Music isn't their specialty and they have no reason to offer a reasonable price. 70 Faces costs $18.98.

All in all, $16.98 from Mostly Music isn't a terrible cost for the CD--especially for a Jewish CD. But this is only based on the market value. That's what people pay, so that's what I have to pay. Price fixing among the major distributors has been established and "settled," but the prices are still the same. Jewish CD producers and distributors were not part of the CD price fixing scheme, as lowering your prices to do so would miss the point. (Tapes are still priced a few dollars cheaper, in spite of being more expensive to produce.)

I'm proud to support the band Blue Fringe, and I can't wait to see them again (hopefully at another 18+ show). I hope they end up getting a decent percentage of my hard earned money from my forthcoming purchase.

UPDATE: In composing my next post, I remembered another local bookstore, with a slightly different clientele. Their price: $19.99.

Shipping for a single CD shouldn't exceed $2.00, and charging more is pretty unethical. A retailaer can markup a product 1000%, but who do they think they're fooling. That MostlyMusic sets a reasonable price and charges the actual shipping cost says something.

As for me, I paid no shipping. I passed Dov on a float as I was walking to the Parade in NY last week. He called out to me and tossed me a disc. Funny how you run into people... I've listened to it, and you're in for a surprise. The rock songs are more rocking, but the addition of a horn section changes the formula on some tracks to an r&b style that works better in some placs than others. Don't think Boro Park horns. Think Tower of Power horns. Think Memphis horns. Think Jimmy Pankow/Chicago horns.

I'm posting a review shortly.

Velvel, my disdan for overpriced Jewish music is well documented. I'm surprised these guys havent put this cd on Amazon or Cd Baby.

Shwekey I would understand for 17 bucks in Flatbush, but Blue Fringe is more mainstream modern, and I think they should get themselves a way to be more on par price wise for other similiar music.

The actual cost to ship a CD is under $1.00. Services exist today that will master, press and package a CD for around $1.50 each (even less, if you do it yourself). There are services (like CDBaby) that will let you sell it for any price you want. It's time someone set up an affordable internet distribution for Jewish music (like $10/CD) and stop these greedheads from controlling the market.

I agree with Jewish. The horns are great on this album. Even you may like them, Velvel.

All CD prices are way too high. I like to buy cd's rather than copy or download, but it's hard to shell out 20 bucks for a CD with 17 tracks, when there maybe 3 tracks that I actually like. I think if CD prices were cut in half, there would be a lot less piracy.

I need to clarify my position on horns. I don't hate 'em. I just hate 'em when they suck. I trust Blue Fringe's sensibilities to properly use a horn section, and I eagerly look forward to hearing the album.

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