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- [ Sunday, June 26, 2005 ] -
Blogger is screwed (scroll down)
There are errant tags in every one of my blog pages that weren't there on Thursday. The errant tags are, <div style="clear: both;"></div>. I don't want them. It makes people think my blog is closed, or worse--"under construction."

I went to the Blogger website to look for help. I did some searches. I saw this on the bottom of the page:
Ask Support
Can't find what you're looking for in Blogger Help?

First check Blogger Status and our known issues page, then write Blogger Support and we'll see what we can do.
I checked both recommended pages. I think "see what we can do" means they will send you an automatic e-mail telling you to look for help on their help pages before you reply to the e-mail, asking for help again. Now I'm waiting for a second response. I hope the response won't tell me to refresh my browser or reinstall Windows.

Does anyone know how to make it stop? Does anyone know of other affected blogs?

If Google hasn't been taken over by Cyberdyne Systems Skynet robots or monkeys on typewriters, and a real person comes checking around here for clues, I want to show links to other blogs likewise affected to show that the problem isn't on my end. I know how good tech-support is for services I buy. I can only imagine the alacrity the Blogger team will have for my problem, as a non-paying consumer of their product.

Please comment here and link other blogs that are screwed.
I only know of a couple other blogs so far.(This post may come down after the issue is resolved and this post outlives its relevance.)

let me know when you figure it out, cause My Jewish Connection blogger page is also having the same illness.


Mistercrunchy.com is also having the same problem. He's a techno-nerd like you so he may have an answer. you can email him at beverage at mister crunchy daht com.

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