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- [ Tuesday, April 19, 2005 ] -
Shoe is on the wrong foot
I was pointed towards an article in which one of my bands is mentioned. I like the author of the article. I think he's a great guy. I know him from around. I also think a lot of his reviews have a light touch. He's very kind to many bands that in my opinion don't really deserve 100% of his praise. But part of me believes that he really digs all these Jewish bands that much. So I'll let him compliment all the modern Jewish bands, mediocre or brilliant. Anyway, his job isn't to rant, but to recommend some nice Jewish CDs to the nice Jewish folks that read from the nice Jewish press. All is Jewish and all is nice.

The article is in the JUF News and it strikes me as completely bizarre. This part is a review for the Blue Fringe album, "My Awakening" (which I love, but that's besides the point).
The kippah-sporting quartet Blue Fringe is one of the finest of the new crop of young Jewish rock acts, including Rick Recht, the Moshav Band, Yom Hadash, e18hteen, and Chicago’s own Farbrengiton.[emphasis added by Velvel]
This sentence is taking a known in order to give you perspective of the unknown. This sentence is assuming the reader has heard of Farbrengiton and hasn't heard of Blue Fringe.

I'm not sure if this article is only a local thing, or if it's syndicated all over the world.

If it's mostly the non-Chicago people who might read this review, Blue Fringe, having toured the world and played almost constantly for a few years, has much more exposure than Farbrengiton, who is mostly famous for being mentioned on my blog.

If Chicago people are more likely to read this, we can grab a pretty good estimate by counting. It's my guess that the number of people in Chicago who are familiar with Farbrengiton numbers about 100 to 150. At a sold-out Blue Fringe show here, there was an audience of about 800-1100 (I forget the venue's capacity. Their website is keeping it a secret).

My math and guesstimates might be way off. It's possible that there could be even a handful of these people who are familiar with Farbrengiton and would love to learn more about Blue Fringe. I'm grateful to have the band name mentioned as the "kal" of a kal vachomer. I'm humbled to think that even in only one person's head, Farbrengiton is a reference unit by which to measure the amazingly talented and professional band of Blue Fringe.

As far as the other bands I'm lumped in with, I love one of them and don't care for the other three, so I can't take 100% as a compliment either.

I think the mention is really cool and I should really shut up if I want more people to write about my bands. Welcome to my insanity.

Cool mention.
The Moshav band isn't new at all.

This struck me as funny too. Moshav has been playingtogether for years. So has Danny and 18 and Rick Recht. But these are not so easily lumped together. Sure, they're all Jewish Folk Rock is some regard, but their styles and approaches are all quite different.

Paul's just being nice. He never writes about what he doesn't like. He doesn't have that much space to work with, wihen they give him space, so he has to squeeze in what he can when he can. I can think of 5 better bands in the genre to mention than some of those included, or 4 other bands coming ouy of the same YU cookie cutter more similar to Blue Fringe... But take the publicity and shut up. There's no bad publicity as long as they spell you name right.

Just wait till you see my over-obsessive analysis of the Trib/Hamentashen article. It's taking me a while because the author of that one (decidedly not as informed as Paul) is such a tool and wrote without any kind of research, perspective or knowledge.

All in all, THANK GOD, ba"h, I've only had great press. I can't complain... but if I did...

I give Blue Fringe a lot of credit for their popularity. But I think
from a musician's perspective they are mediocre both vocally and technically. I think people dig their performance (showmanship) and their brand of music. But everyone knows the olem is a golem.

Farbrengiton has a certain magnetism ... leading me to speculate that at least one of you is a hidden kabbalist skilled in the art of yichudim. When can we expect an album?

I don't like any music you like. You don't like any music I like. Go back to your own blog where I don't have to read your irrelevance.

I am making calls today and recording a Farbrengiton is a high priority, right after cleaning for Pesach. Although I'm already one album behind you guys, I'm really looking forward to the next White Shabbos CD.


Rehearse your new band member(s) first, then sink money into a recording.

MusicYid- you're a bit of a loser.

Only because I'm uptight like this:

The word complement in the eighth sentence should be compliment.

That is all.

Let me worry about the recording.

To say that you don't like Blue Fringe is one thing. To say that they are mediocre in any way is just plain stupid. Get lost.

Your post that got picked up by BoingBoing is what got me over here... I think I'm gonna like it here! Hag kasher v'sameach!

Velvel you sound like one angry man...I keep telling you those anger management classes would do you good:) You know absolutely nothing about the music collection I have which happens to be quite extensive. I may add that you can block my posts if you so choose...
If you can't deal with the fact
that bluefringe is not exactly the world's gift to humanity then you need a reality check.

... and you simply sound like a fool.
You can take your smiley and cram it.

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