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- [ Wednesday, April 06, 2005 ] -
Purim, part 2: Veitur Bus tour
Purim (Thursday-Friday, March 24-25):
Farbrengiton also did a mini-tour of the neighborhood house parties on the "Veitur Bus" on Thursday night after the set and on Friday around noon. This was very successful as we raised a lot of money for Kfar, and we sold a lot of shotglasses. I mean, if you can't sell shotglasses on Purim, I'm not sure you should be in the shotglass-selling business. It's good to have some pocket-change to pay for our recording. We had a crazy time and a bunch of people saw things they never imagined. I would write more, but as we say, whatever happens on the Veitur Bus, stays on the Veitur Bus.

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