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- [ Wednesday, April 06, 2005 ] -
Purim, part 1: Chabad House Party
I don't have time to put all the best details down. Maybe they'll come out at another time. Being two weeks after the action, everything I can write quickly is either loshon hora or boring.

Purim Night (Thursday, March 24):
The crowd was pretty thin due to the timing of Spring Break at Northwestern, the second month of Adar and Purim falling out on Friday. The crowd eventually got ripe, but it took longer than usual.
  1. Farbrengiton - We played a great set. Everyone was on his good game. We were confident and comfortable. We had a great time. The crowd was sparse at that hour, but everyone who was in the room was really digging us.
  2. Ra'ashan - We played with our original power trio, Yaniv, Matt and I. The crowd didn't really pick up and the party didn't really get going until late in our set. By the end of our set, the place was packed and steeped in ... let's say simcha.
  3. Ev├źn Sh'siyah - Ely and Mark couldn't make it, but thankfully, the extremely talented guitarist, (formerly of Animus, Bloody Shabbos, and currently of Ozer Katz) Mark Sugar, sat in and helped out with some screaming lead guitar. Solid set all the way through. Good energy in the room. The place was packed and hopping. I got to jump around and sing/rap shlocked up lyrics to our cover of "Give It Away." By that time, especially in a band were I don't usually play a leading role, I was definitely ready to let loose.

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