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- [ Wednesday, April 27, 2005 ] -
Omer RSS feed
Sign up for my Omer feed! It's experimental still. It will remind you to count the Omer from your Bloglines or whatever feed-reader you use. The interface is new to me, but I also believe you can use this to add the dates directly to your PDA or calendar program. The RSS is automatically fed daily.
Omer RSS feed
Add the Omer feed directly to your Bloglines
I find that when I have a daily reminder on my electronic devices, I can usually finish the entire 49 days without missing the bracha.

Related link: Wikipedia entry for "Counting the Omer"

Intersting use of rsscalendar. I asked them if they could start to allow for team blogging on calendars to allow for multi user posting, as well as some other things like a 'blog this" extension.

Isn't there a Firefox extension for counting the Omer yet?

I get a text message on my phone at night and again the following morning with the exact words to say. Not just the day number, which is awesome so I can count from my phone at the time I receive it instead of waiting and forgetting. omerbuddy.com $7 for the whole omer.

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