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- [ Monday, April 25, 2005 ] -
Holiday Flash Links
Here are four holiday cartoons which have been going around.
  1. Trying to jump onto the viral advertising bandwagon, this horrible cartoon, with a super-lame parody of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" has been passed around as entertainment in order to sell a book. If this is an example of the humor I can expect, I couldn't be further from buying the book.
  2. This is very cool. The 60 Second Seder.
  3. This is very funny. My mother scooped me on this one when she saw this on Leno and told me I had to see it. Not the best endorsement for funny or hip, but it's JibJab so I figured it was worth a click. "I found the Afikomen--in my small intestine"
  4. I almost forgot - Shabot6000 weighed in with its own Pesach rap. Not as good as the JibJab. The lyrics just aren't that clever. Maybe you have to be a Fiddycent fan to "get" it. I wouldn't know.
Chag Kasher v'Sameach!!

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