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- [ Monday, April 11, 2005 ] -
Geek Dream Moment
Image hosted by Photobucket.com As someone who lives with Attention Deficit Something, I like corn Disorder, I'm constantly battling for my attention. TV is a major attention span killer, with all the flashing pictures, bikinis and people trying to persuade you to buy things. My peripheral vision is too good most of the time. I'm always aware when there's a TV on and have problems focusing on my conversations.

I bought a gadget, called TV-B-Gone. It's basically a universal remote control that only has a power button. Its purpose is to turn off TVs that are on in a public space. I have it on my key-chain.

Growing up socially inept, with a fondness for gadgets, I would fantasize about different ways for a gadget to make me popular. I would have an image in my head of how cool it's going to be when I use it, and how all the people in the room will pay attention to me and think I'm awesome and clever (isn't that the reason I have a blog?).

On the Sunday after Purim (Purim Meshulash, this year) I had a get together with my family at my parents. We were mostly eating at the dining room table, but nieces and nephews were running around and a certain controlled chaos permeated the room. A family member at this time decided that he needed to watch part of an NCAA basketball game. Then he disappeared and left the TV on. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who noticed, though it was clearly visible and audible to everyone sitting at the table.

I looked around, and I saw that no one even knew the TV was on and no one would miss it if it was off. I had the device in my pocket. I took out the device, aimed it at the TV, turned it off and put it back in my pocket like it was the most normal thing to do.

Then everybody stopped their conversations and looked at me with wonder and awe. They thought I was cool and clever and I felt like Batman with his utility belt. They asked how I did it, what it was, if I always carried it around, how did it work and that kind of stuff.

I was awesome for about three minutes. That was a big highlight of my Purim weekend.

that is impressive. isn't it just too strange how people leave that tv on and walk away and no one else will turn it off.

i got here by mistake--looking for "velvel on national affairs"--which i have found. nice place ya got.

It's interesting but I think a lot fo musicians have ADD it has to with your abilitly to concentrate on several things at once etc.
Your story is cute but kind of sad.
Did your parents pay enough attention to you that you craved it so much? Just curious.

That's the kind of device that could one day get you beat up real good.

Give me that keychain.

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