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- [ Thursday, March 17, 2005 ] -
My very own Matis bootleg
Finally, after finishing the tedious processing of my audio files, my own crappy Matisyahu bootleg from 1-27-2005 is available to the public.

My impressions of the show.

The official bootleg text file.

Caveats: The sound is a little boomy. It was recorded on MD, which uses lossy data compression. Then I converted it to WAV over an analog connection (also lossy). This only matters to a small percentage of the population which is either anally retentive or has ultra-sensitive hearing.

Thank Velvel, the shows are always nice to listen to.

"anally retentive or has ultra-sensitive hearing"

Or has their ear shoved up to their butt.

i have that ear.... naw, the loss isnt the issue on this, its the room. can't hear a thing its so boomy.

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