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- [ Monday, March 07, 2005 ] -
Is SBC is blocking your outgoing mail?
This post will only be of interest if you have SBC providing your home internet, and use an outside SMTP/POP3 for mail.

For the last 2-3 weeks, I've had a puzzling error. I could receive e-mail, but mysteriously, all my outgoing mail would produce an error. I'm a tinkerer, so I assumed it was something I did. I installed, uninstalled and reinstalled programs. I searched online. I changed every internet and port setting I could find. I really didn't want to call a help line, because I assumed they would make me reinstall Windows, or tell me that me that it's a different company's problem. I couldn't even figure out whose problem it was. I eventually came to the unnerving conclusion that it must be my port settings which must be set differently because a Microsoft security update took offense at my set-up.

It turns out, it's SBC.

I hope this helps people who have been pulling out their hair trying to figure out which major computer corporation left them screwed. Now all I have to do to fix it by talking to my 4 different ISPs or SBC, explaining something one of them did to the other one that I don't completely understand. God help us all.

(thanks to some miracle, This Blog Is Full Of Crap, complains about his job working for an ISP.)

UPDATE: Gotta love SBC's Indian tech support. I can't understand their accents. They can't understand mine. There is definitely a language barrier on the phone.

UPDATE: The only way to facilitate this change is through SBC's website. It's a scary web-form. It's scary because when I entered two reports, one with a bad login and one with the correct login. I got the same output for both, "Your message has been sent." I have to wait 12 to 24 hours before I get an answer via e-mail. Or not. The black hole of one way communication.

UPDATE: The e-mail came back early. I still have deep-rooted trust issues with SBC, but in this case I was mistaken. The help system worked fairy well. I got what I needed. My stuff got fixed. I didn't talk to any morons.


I have to admit I don't have the faintest idea what your talking about but I wish you hatzlacha in resolving this issue.

Most people shouldn't. But if even one person reads this and finds that it's the answer they need, I'll be happy.

I believe this is the answer I was seeking, and I hope to have this resolved soon. Thank you.

I had a problem like this. If you're using outlook or another mail program to read your mail through another provider but your ISP is SBC, you need to set your STMP to SBC's server, not the mail provider's server.

As stated on the SBC page which explains the problem, either my mail providers can switch their servers to use SBC's new settings or SBC can switch their settings back to the standard way.

SBCs SMTP is uneffected because they knew about their changes when they implemented them. I can't have my return address be "thewayjewsrock.com" if I send it out via SBC's server.

SBC undid the switch on my settings anyway, so this is all theoretical at this point.

This looks like the kind of post I would write that most people would scroll right by.

Indian Tech support--reminds me of my experience with Dell recently. I spent about 6 hours on the phone with "Dave" who was obviously in India (when he gave me his phone number, he bunched the numbers in correctly: 41 45 551 212).

His email listed him as "Dilip"

THANKS A BUNCH I"VE BEEN TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY AMY DDAMNED MAIL WASN"T GOING OUT !!! IT WAS PISSIN ME OFF !! I'm glag I ran across your Blog. All this time I thought my host had gone crappy on me. Thx again

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