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- [ Thursday, January 27, 2005 ] -
Matisyahu tonight

While visiting the internet's place for discussing Jewish music in a civil manner, I came across a nice frum Yid who once said this of his performance at the HASC benefit concert:
Matisyahu is Jewish? PLEEASE.....

Matisyahu should have been dragged off stage for his stupidity.

Are we suppsoed to be impressed that he sings like a goy? It would have been funny if Matisyahu sang one song, everyone would have laughed at the freak who left his shoes upstairs at the Knick game. It would have been tolerated to some extent but what the Heck was Sheya thinking when hired this drugged up lubabitch guy? Matisyahu was lucky I could not get out of my seat because I would have went on stage and pulled this nut with his 3 back up nuts of the stage and they would have landed on seventh Avenue.
This is about the worst comment I've seen, but you'd be surprised at the number of people who agreed with him. Introducing closed communities to new things can be very dangerous if you're not careful. If you like, you can e-mail the turd and let him know your opinion.


I've been falling in love with his CD, "Shake Off the Dust...Arise," with every listen. The music has a great groove. The words are clear and very inspiring. This it truly a holy CD.

I don't know why every other city gets to host a concert, but tonight I will be heading out with a bunch of my friends to see Matisyahu in Milwaukee. We can't wait.

It's a crime that the Moshe Skier Band isn't the local opener. We're all hoping that Lil' Rev, " Voted Best Folk Singer in Wisconsin WAMI 2004," is as good as the WAMI claims. Seemingly inappropriate bookings makes me think personal favors are involved. But at least we have a buffer driving in from Chicago.

You're too kind, Velvelipoo.

BTW, I wouldn't want to play at HASC. I'd have to tone the music waaaaaaay down. It's not what they come to see. It would be like when the Blues Brothers played that country/western bar. I'd need a cage to catch the bottles.

Not that they asked me.

Hope you guys enjoy the concert. I really couldn't stand the guy's tone, felt the need to send off an email.

At the very least, run a frickin spellcheck on your rant, know what I mean?

The concert was jammin'. Awesome band. The hall was boomy, but the sound was perfect up close with the dancers.

If you get any correspondance back, please post it here.

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