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- [ Thursday, December 23, 2004 ] -
Our big write-up
Farbrengiton just got a big write-up in the Chicago Reader. Apparently they find us interesting. Unfortunately, it's not interesting enough to put in the online paper. Fortunately, I have a scanner. If you live in the Chicago area, pick up a Reader and check it out on page 31 of Section 1. I would like to thank Ted McClelland, the guy who wrote it, and Marty Perez, the guy who took the picture.

Awesome writeup, Velvel. Upright bass? I'm impressed. Nu, so when do we get to download some bootlegs?

Great story, Velvel, just like i predicted. Nice. Any chance of someone putting up a link later to the text itself, maybe the reporter can send you his files.

I predict great things from you guys. TIME and NEWSWEEK and CNN are just around the corner, waiting to come by for an interview. Get ready!

And the New York Times won't be far behind! Watch!

a Chicago Reader write-up is something like the 'kiss of death'... I wouldn't be suprised to see this band go down in flames all as a result of the Shitcago Feeder... it took me 11 minutes to read the article, does that mean you've all only got 4 minutes left...? make them worthwhile...! FREEBIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The band must continue, because we have too many stickers left.

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