I am a Yid. I like to rock. Veitur!

- [ Monday, December 13, 2004 ] -
Failed Interrogation
A staff-writer for the Chicago Reader just interviewed Farbrengiton last night after the show. He e-mailed me the other week after he saw our flier in a kosher bakery and thought we would make an interesting story.

As you can probably tell from my blog, I have a big mouth. At least with the blog, I can rely on flashes of common sense to hit me before I hit the "publish" key. Last night during the interview, I sang like a canary. Whether or not it's good for the band, I just hope it's good for the Jews.

I don't know how people give interviews to the press. I'm so nervous, anticipating the different angles he can be using to look at us and the stories we told him. I'm not going to get any peace until it's printed, and only then I can really start worrying.

What's the angle? Why us? I don't think it's because of our raw musical prowess. We have a good energy, but we still aren't the tightest band in the world (getting better everyday). We don't have anything slick to download, and the website certainly doesn't give off a vibe that oozes professionalism (not yet). I think he must like our essence. I just hope we're not charming because we're crappy. During the interview, I was trying to get a feel for what he thought of us. He seemed to like us because he compared us to the Pogues (a folk-punk Irish band that dealt primarily in punked-up Irish drinking songs and has a pretty large mainstream/non-Irish following).