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- [ Monday, December 27, 2004 ] -
A Cappella?
Can someone tell me why you wouldn't just add an instrument to an a cappella group? Any a cappella song I've ever heard would sound better with an instrument somewhere. There may be spans up to two minutes in a regular song that may be cool for a cappella. An entire (short) song if it's clever enough. But certainly not as a rule to base a band around.

I understand there are some people that like it. I understand that some of my own tastes in music may be a little weird. But I just want to point out, that a cappella isn't as universal as some fans would have you believe. In fact, there is a religious practice to use a cappella as a replacement for regular music because it's not liable to make you happy in times of mourning.

And I'm not bitter at all that an a cappella group with four singers needs an hour to soundcheck, at the expense of another band's time, while the band with four singers and seven instruments has to make due with a soundcheck on the fly at the expense of their own set. It was mostly getting to the venue early and having to listen to their soundcheck.

The thing I hate the most about acapella is the faux smiles on all the singers faces. And they bob back and forth. I can't stand that. There is nothing rock and roll about acapella groups. Nothing.

I just love getting up on stage without a decent soundcheck, and opening up my mouth to sing, and having it completely drowned out by the guitar.

Nothing like it.

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