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- [ Monday, December 06, 2004 ] -
Blog slacker
In case you're wondering, I wrote the last post to let my friends and readers know that I still remember the username and password to my blog.

I wrote this post to tell you that I wasn't turning this into an outlet for advertising my bands and writing cutesy posts about cats. I'm working on a few projects that are taking up most of my on-line complaining time. I wanted to post something, and I guess I thought the cat-thing might be a good sign to my friends and readers that I still remembered the password to my blog.

I'm working very hard with my band, Farbrengiton. I'm also working on the FBIO mailing list, the new FBIO website, and my kitchen mural (which will also be an album cover). (join the mailing list)

Thank God, there are so many great opportunities coming my way. My bands have been getting booked a lot (sometimes two in the same evening), and it seems that I always have a show coming up. I love when I'm busy with music. Maybe eventually, some of it will make some money.

As long as I'm mentioning my activities, here's the inevitable self-promotion. These are the upcoming shows that I know about: