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- [ Wednesday, October 06, 2004 ] -
Succah: Notoriety
My wife and I were having discussions about our succah battles. Initially, we were hesitant about fighting to build a succah. We didn't want to rock the boat when we just moved into the building. But we were encouraged and aided by close friends and with God's and their help, managed to accomplish this breakthrough in Chicago Jewish-condo-living.

We were worried about standing out and absorbing too much scrutiny from the evil condo-complainers. It's come to our attention that we have achieved certain notoriety. Not the bad kind we anticipated. People know about the succah and are happy about it. Not just in our building, but also in the large, neighboring condos nearby, also favored by Jews. People are excited about the succah revolution in our building and we are already discussing plans to expand our operation for next year. I've even heard a buzz, contrary to initial expectations, about a raise in property value. Our building just became more desirable to a great demographic.

So hear this, stodgy condo-boards: allowing the Jews to build succahs on the property will increase the value of your homes.