I am a Yid. I like to rock. Veitur!

- [ Tuesday, October 05, 2004 ] -
Friday night in the succah
We had a big Friday night dinner in the succah for the first evening of Chol Hamoed.

The plan was to have a bunch of people over who can drink, sing, and give words of Torah. That's what helps make my Shabbat/holiday meals special. The expectant weather that evening was thunderstorms. As Shabbos came in, the weather felt threatening and we had brief periods of drizzle. Last year, one of my biggest Succot regrets was that we ended a rockin' meal early due to drizzle. We brought the party inside, but the vibe we had started was clearly ruined. As it turned out, everything in the succah remained dry, long after we cleared out. I wasn't about to let that happen again.

I always want to hang out in the succah as much as possible. A lot of work went into permissions, the actual construction, and setting up conveniences. My wife, usually the sensible one, wanted to avoid setting everything up for a meal in the succah, only to have the chaos of everybody bringing everything back in during a downpour. We agreed to consult some of the other diners and set up outside. On the way home from shul, there was no rain. There had been some intermittent drizzle, but this was a break from it. The question is "does this light drizzle indicate a huge downpour, or is it just temporary?"

As the meal went on, we felt a little drizzle. I insisted that God wouldn't want to ruin our special meal, and that we could appeal to Him with our ruach (good spirit).

Every time it started to rain, we immediately sang a song and it stopped. When we finished each song, we started to chat and eat a little more. Then it started to rain again. We sang another song and the rain stopped again. This went on for over an hour. Eventually, we weren't hungry and finished singing all the good songs. We called it quits and benched. We brought in almost everything. Then the heavens finally opened up and we experienced the torrential downpour we were expecting all night.