I am a Yid. I like to rock. Veitur!

- [ Tuesday, September 07, 2004 ] -
Raging Success at the YIWRPMMM
It was SN's great idea to have a good ol' band farbrengen (a get-together for Torah and song) on the Shabbat preceding the show. Obviously, it didn't get crazy like the days of old, but we certainly elevated ourselves to the proper heights that insured solid inspiration that carried through motzei-Shabbat. The purpose was also to show some members the true inspiration for our band. On Friday night, we reached the highs we were looking for at the home of SN and YN's parents. Rabbi N was in perfect form and we sang a gamut of the classic Lubavitch niggunim, as well as some new songs.

Objective details about the 9/4 FBIO gig can be found on the Farbrengiton Concert Blog.

This was by far, our best performance ever. True, we've only had four, but this one had the others beat by far. I'm not entirely surprised. We were the most practiced for this gig. We also had sufficient time for all of the band members to get acclimated to our current line-up.

It was a great crowd. People clapped after almost every solo. When we played Avinu Malkeinu, there were people who recognized the Alter Rebbe's niggun as well as people who recognized the Phish version.

After I failed to introduce a song properly, people asked us questions about it. After I gave an insufficient answer, they asked more questions. The point here isn't that I failed to do a proper introduction, but that the audience showed an active interest in the show and was paying attention to the lyrics.

They sang along with "I Am a Jew" with almost no prodding.

We started on time, which was a real shocker. There were about 30 people there at the time. As we played, about 100 more people walked in. Most of whom, I didn't know. Band-member, NS, claims to have invited about 30 people, 8 of whom he predicted would make it. Most of the crowd started leaving as the second band played, and the room was almost empty around 11:30. Judging from this, most of them were there to see us. Where did everybody come from?

Also, there was some additional, unexpected, rock-star vibe going around this Shabbat. SN told me about some oddities that took place at the Lubavitch shul this Shabbat. NS got an aliyah. SN got maftir. After the haftorah, a guy in front (that we don't know) started chanting "Far-BRENG-i-TAHN." To which the gabbai corrected him, "No, it's pronounced, Far-breng-it-ON." The band didn't know any of these people.

According to my observations, SN is the biggest rock-star in the band.