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- [ Friday, September 10, 2004 ] -
My Wife and I Are Huge Nerds
The Jews of the hip neighborhood, being statistically younger, are more open to technology than other Jewish communities I've seen. When I moved there, I was immediately able to join the shul's active e-mail list which includes a weekly status message for the eruv.

Moving back to my old neighborhood, the shtetl, I was missing the e-mail updates. I did some online research and found an eruv-status e-mail list put out by one of the shuls here.

I was so excited for this find, I immediately signed up and e-mailed my wife about it.

A few minutes ago, I got the first update and forwarded it to her. Then I IMed her about the e-mail. She replied that she got the eruv e-mail herself and had just forwarded it to me!

What a cute, nerdy couple we make.