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- [ Tuesday, September 07, 2004 ] -
Condo B.S. #1: Garbage
I love our new condo so far.

The condo has many rules about garbage, some of which make sense.

You take regular garbage to a garbage room, located on each floor. If you have anything else, you have to take it out to the dumpster yourself. They don't want to take it.

Inside the garbage room, there are two small garbage cans, and two smaller tubs. The regular garbage is supposed to be in closed garbage bags and placed in the cans. Recycling can be put in the open tubs. Or not. Nothing will be recycled. That's officially the stance of the building that has been discussed at board meetings. Everything in the cans and tubs will be taken down to the dumpster by the maintenance guy.

While moving into the building, I set my bike down next to all the other bikes in the basement. Some of them were hanging on the wall, some of them were standing up. Some of them were locked to the wall, and some were just locked to themselves. I figured my bike would be safe there. There was no lock on it, but it was crappy enough that no one in the building could possibly want to steal it.

A week later, it was gone. I'm going to rule out theft, because I can't imagine what anyone would want with it. I refuse to believe that anyone who would have access to the basement would steal something so crappy.

It was thrown out.

The building's mailboxes are all locked. The only ones who have access are the residents and the mailman. There are some bins under the mailboxes for misplaced mail. There is also a shelf for mailbox-stuffers and generic junk-mail. A friend of mine needed to drop something off for me so I told him to place it by the bins and the shelf.

A few hours later, when I got home, I looked for it. It was gone. There was some other stuff still in the bins, some of it was real mail, but the envelope for me wasn't found.

It was thrown out.

Lesson: If you want something unusual thrown out, just place it anywhere except the garbage room. You don't want to get in trouble.

Additional note on the garbage room:

Some people can't manage to take closed garbage bags to the garbage room without leaking all over the carpet. Sometimes people don't close their garbage bags well and they get the garbage room all messy and stinky. A solution proposed at a board meeting has been to install video cameras in the garbage room in order to chase down people and fine them. I'm not too worried about this, as even the most solid ideas can rarely pass a "yes" vote. Especially when there's money involved.