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- [ Tuesday, August 31, 2004 ] -
Showtunes are Jewish
I'm on the verge of getting kicked off the Jewish Music Yahoo Group.

I took offense at someone's description of two concerts, in which he claimed that Blue Fringe and Yidcore were decidedly not Jewish music.
"a heavy metal Jewish punk rock band (there's an oxymoron)"
"It wasn';t very Jewish and I have no idea how they wound up at the cocnert."
"...sometimes you need to laugh at psychos such as these."
Later in his review, he fawned over Dudu Fisher and his performance of Broadway showtunes "in a Jewish way."
"He sang ... of course, show tunes from Les Miserables (he played the lead character Jean Valjean)..."
"The whole evening was VERY Jewish, even the show tunes were sung with words from Davening..."
After a back-and-forth about who considers what kind of music to be Jewish, I was told to shut up. Then I offered the "sharp" reply,
"I feel bad for you. You will never get to hear more kinds of Jewish music."
I'm pretty sure they all hate me there.

Enjoy the thread.

UPDATE (9/1/04): Showtunes are Jewish and kosher. (c/o BlogInDm)