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- [ Wednesday, August 04, 2004 ] -
Psyched about Netflix
I can't stand cable T.V. I'm what you would call a T.V. addict. I hate when it's on, but I waste hours of my life most days watching it. My wife, however, enjoys it in moderation.

I'm sure that it's a struggle with addicts everywhere. We want to avoid situations which could lead us to lapse, but we don't want to impose our restrictions on our friends. Still, I couldn't justify having cable in our new condo.

With this in mind, I came upon a compromise offer to my wife. We would not get cable, but we would get a subscription to Netflix. She has been after me for while to join Netflix, but I couldn't justify the monthly cost considering we rarely rent movies. She jumped at the offer.

My beef with cable, is that it gives too many options of what to watch, and most of the choices stink, most of the time. If there's nothing on, and I want to watch something, I will spend the whole 30-minute time-slot cycling through the channels. On the other hand, my wife will watch something that even she admits is crappy. Neither of us get a particularly satisfying experience. With less choice on broadcast, we can each come to this conclusion sooner, and find something better to do... or put in a movie. Either way, it forces an active decision, instead of a passive one.

So we're both really psyched about this and have loaded up our lists. Now we'll have to figure out how to enjoy each other's picks.

"C'mon honey, how come you don't want to watch Deathrace 2000 with me?"

UPDATE (8/5): Here are a couple Netflix blogs I started following...