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- [ Monday, August 23, 2004 ] -
Matisyahu Samples, Finally
As I previously mentioned, here, there has been a dearth of Matisyahu material on the web. His site has been up for a while with very limited info for someone who doesn't get to attend concerts in the New York area.

Now we have two ways for Matisyahu to prove that he is worthy of the buzz:
I listened to the clips. Sounds like regular reggae to me. It's not bad reggae, but it doesn't stand out. I'm not a connoisseur and I will point these samples in the direction of some of my reggae-enthusiast friends, to seek their opinions.

I'm looking forward to seeing him on TV. I know it'll be a lot more entertaining to see this coming out of a hassidic-looking guy's mouth. I also hope he plays with a band. I hate playback (think karaoke).

Although this doesn't strike me as outstanding, musically, I love the fact that this is another step of Jewish music venturing out into more musical territories, especially those outside chazzanut and bubble-gum pop. And for this, I congratulate Matisyahu and all his fans.

Lively up yourself, Hassidic Reggae-man.