I am a Yid. I like to rock. Veitur!

- [ Wednesday, August 25, 2004 ] -
Matisyahu on Kimmel
I stayed up to watch the famous Hasidic, reggae superstar on Kimmel last night. He certainly rocked the house. He put on a great performance and the crowd loved it. I couldn't understand a word, but I'm hoping to purchase the CD and look at the liner notes.

Matisyahu did very well on the couch. Kevin Nealon, another guest from last night, started hassling Matisyahu like an ignorant, gentile co-worker, asking him if he would play a gig on Shabbos for a million dollars. Matisyahu performed a kiddush HaShem (sanctification of G-d's name) by dismissing the hypothetical offer, and saying that he would never even consider a gig on Shabbos for $4 million.

I would love to get my hands on a CD, but I think I'm going to wait a bit. Since it took the site so long to be past the under-construction phase, and the product plugs on the show sounded iffy, I'm a little wary about "pre-ordering" the CD. Not helping to ease my mind, I tried to use the contact form for the page and I got errors. JDub, the label, also has no links for contacting them.

If someone has some contact info, and a real release date, sending me the info would be greatly appreciated.