I am a Yid. I like to rock. Veitur!

- [ Thursday, August 26, 2004 ] -
Funny Narc
We had Farbrengiton practice last night.

SN was giving me a ride and on our way, his brother, YN, called to let him know that through some kind of paperwork mix-up/misunderstanding with his car registration and a license which may or may not be suspended, he was arrested and in the custody of the Evanston police. We went to go bail him out. It wasn't too far out of our way, and a similar thing happened last week.

In the cop station, we were a little amused by things and we were trying to be friendly to the officers behind the desk. They would have none of our amusement and kept their cop faces on. SN put up the cash and signed the forms. They said it would take 15 minutes (it was more like 45) to bring YN up from the holding place.

The waiting area was clean enough, but really not the place we wanted to hang out, so we went outside to have a little bit of band practice on our own. We were working on a song, and we needed the nail down the timing. I took out my guitar and we just started playing there on the street in front of the cop station.

We played for a while and got looks from civilians as well as cops. Most of the looks were of mild interest and more smiles than frowns.

I spotted a guy coming out of the police station. He looked like a thug. He was a big tough-guy. He walked like a tough-guy and had a tough-guy face on. He was wearing jeans and his T-shirt had a jolly-roger on it. He was carrying two bulky gym bags. Definitely a narc.

We were still playing and tough-guy came over to us. He got up real close and looked me in the eyes. He was wearing a badge around his neck.

"Do you see my shirt?" he said. He pulled the badge aside to reveal the words, "TUNE OR DIE!"

"You're out of tune!" he said. Then he walked away.

I was out of tune, but not that much. I think he was more concerned with enforcing his clever T-shirt. Either way, I couldn't play much longer without feeling guilty. I tuned up.

After this whole mess, we had an excellent practice.