I am a Yid. I like to rock. Veitur!

- [ Tuesday, August 03, 2004 ] -
Amir's Party
On Saturday night, our friend, Amir, threw himself a going away party. He's going to Israel for at least a year, trying out aliyah for size. He's also going into the IDF. The party was for all his well-wishers to get together, as well as a going-away party for several other friends, who are also going away to Israel for various vacation and learning time.

He threw the party at a brilliant location, an empty warehouse in Lakeview with lots of parking. It was a large warehouse, a month away from being turned into high-priced condominiums, that was on loan from a shul-member and friend of Amir.

Amir is very crafty and was able to put together a party room, with a stage, lighting, and music for almost no money. It was a great stage, made of found plywood panels and palettes stacked three-high, with good lighting that he rigged himself.

The plan was to have Farbrengiton play whatever it can, and then a DJ would "spin" some Israeli-style-techno for the rest of the evening. I wasn't sure if this was an ideal venue for FBIO, especially if the crowd was going to be the type that looks forward to Israeli-style-techno. I always get nervous about "proper venue."

I finally justified it in my head by saying that our music is Jewish and the people at the party are Jewish. We play with soul and have a good time. That kind of thing is reflected by us having a good time on stage. Worst case scenario - even if they don't like us, our set would be short (our repertoire is currently very limited).

Turns out the party was a grand ol' time.

This was our first gig with our bassist, Neer Spinner. This was also our first gig with our brand-new drummer, Mike Levin. They both very good musicians. Every time I play with them, I would question my own musical worthiness if it wasn't for the fact that they are both so enthusiastic about this band.

While Neer has been practicing with us since the end of April, we were able to score Mike, just days before the gig and had only one practice together.

While we didn't perform as tightly as we have in previous practices, we still rocked. We also didn't chase people out of the room. Overall, I got the feeling that people were impressed. Aside from that, we also got some helpful criticism from the "in" people. We have some recordings from the show and after studying them for mistakes, all records will remain buried in the vault, ready for future generations to listen and cringe.

So, veitur. We didn't make jackasses out of ourselves, learned a little bit about ourselves, and entertained some people. We are off to practice with our complete band. The next gig is tentatively scheduled for September 4, at the Young Israel of West Rogers Park Monthly Melave Malka, opening for Jewish rock legend, Ruby Harris.

UPDATE (8/6): The video of the event is ready. Not that you'll ever see it. Thanks to Photography By Frederic P. Eckhouse. I can't wait to see it, learn from it, and throw it in the lake.