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- [ Thursday, June 17, 2004 ] -
JPost reviews the latest
I first saw the J-Post article linked from The Town Crier. I read it, and wanted to post about it, but I was too lazy. Besides, a musician doing reviews on other music is one thing. But a musician doing a review on a music review is completely out of hand.

So I did nothing. And then I saw BlogInDm making a couple of the same observations I was going to make. Dammit!

I see nothing wrong with a musician doing a commentary on a review of a music review. So here it is.

He gets the album 9 years late and makes guesses about Yossi's biography:
Legend has it that Yosi was a bona-fide mizrahi guitar protege before becoming a ba'al t'shuva
"Protege" means student. I don't think you have to rely on "legend" to determine that he was a student. I think the word the author means to use here is "prodigy." Prodigy means young genius. I think with enough research, it might be possible to find at least one eye-witness account of Yossi being a genius. "Legend has it" is usually reserved for a vague, wild story, like Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil.
Avi plays a truly mean rock flute, though I'm probably the first to compare him to Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson.
He also probably coined the phrase, "Hassidic Hendrix" while in the shower this morning. I think he also took credit for inventing the word "music."
Enough about the 10th grader who reviews music there. I recommend the NEW album. It's a two CD set called "Live in New York City" and I've seen it in the Jewish bookstores. It's a compilation of the best songs collected from his club shows from the last few years. That truly captures what the band is capable of. J-Post might want to watch for it to come down the pipeline in another 8 years.