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- [ Tuesday, June 29, 2004 ] -
Disturbing Israeli Observation
I try to avoid politics in my blog, because it unnecessarily divides intelligent people who would normally get along. I hope I don't dirty myself too much with what may be unpopular views.

I just read about the latest synagogue destruction in Israel. This is not the first shul to be torn down. Some may say it's "illegal," but legality seems to be pretty arbitrarily enforced in Israeli politics. There are a lot of illegal structures, more hazardous to the residents and to the outlying communities as a whole, both Arab and Jewish. But the Israeli government found it necessary to tear down this shul in the dark of the night with no one around.

On the other hand, even in the extreme cases of weapons-cache, actively-shooting-terrorist sheltering mosques, you'll find both the U.S. and Israel hesitant to even risk damaging the mosque.

Why is Israel so eager to tear down shuls?