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- [ Thursday, June 17, 2004 ] -
Beastie Boys copy-protection nonsense
Via Memepool:

There is a hullabaloo about the new Beastie Boys CD. Apparently, there is a copy-protection built in, that when played on a PC or Mac, installs some kind of copy-protection software on your system, without your permission.

Discussions on a security board, and the Beastie Boys board.

Searching into it a little more, without leaving my desk, I found this statement:
Ian sez, "Hi, I'm not sure who posted re: Beastie Boys copy protection, but I just spoke with Mike D and their management and they wanted me to pass along that a) This is all territories except the US and UK -- US and UK discs do not have this protection on them; b) All EMI CDs are treated this way, theirs isn't receiving special treatment; c) They would have preferred not to have the copy protection, but weren't allowed to differ from EMI policy."
I'm posting this confusing story, without any real knowledge either way, because I anticipate reading only half the story on all the Jewish gossip blogs. Maybe this will prevent some people from jumping the gun and reporting based on rumors that all copies of the CD are evil.

Will someone who purchased this CD please report about their CD playing experience?

Here are some topics that have been addressed to death, and I don't need to hear about them:

From what I've seen so far... all signs point to US versions being okay to copy and play on the computer.

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