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- [ Tuesday, May 11, 2004 ] -
Shiny-Shoe Charity
After harping on some negative aspects of a certain Jewish music community, I would like to post an exerpt from a more civil e-mail from reader, Monro888:
Aside from the fact that I struggled for years to make a living, the real reality of life hit me when my first child got engaged. I could not afford to pay for a band let alone a wedding. It was a trying & difficult few months when they should have been joyous ones. In walks Shloime Dachs into our life & not only offers to sing for free but gets me a one man band as well. He knew my future Mechutanim & heard the situation. The wedding was beautiful & I have no words to amply thank him for taking some of the enormous weight off my shoulders. To top things off, he brought Yisroel Williger along with him to add even more to our Simcha.

I will add one more thing. I'm also involved with Chai Lifeline, an organization which assists families & children with Cancer. A relative of mine recently needed their services in a big way. I suddenly found myself visiting him in the Hospital several times a week. Do you know how often many of these singers were there singing at his bed side trying to make the day a little brighter? Bring a smile to his face? One day, I asked Shloime how he knew this relative of mine, to which he said he never met him in his life & was there because Chai Lifeline & Bikur Cholim have their numbers to call when these situations arrive. Mee Koamcha Yisroel!
I'm just posting a positive anecdote here to throw on the pile of questionable stories. These are two nice stories. This is probably something that should be on Dachs' website instead of a story about taking what is owed.

I'm not trying to make these people out to be bad guys. Some things need to change in this industry. There are also a lot of positive things going on here. I know that every one of these artists does his best to give tzedaka, especially from his talents. That is the kind of thing that can be used for good PR. I invite the entire Jewish advertising/publicist community to embrace these kinds of stories.

I still stand by all my statements. I will not change anything on this site without reform by action and/or statements directly related to my posts. But I do wish a yasher koach to everybody who gives back to the community.