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- [ Wednesday, May 19, 2004 ] -
Protocols, z"l
Alas, poor Protocols. In my Jewish Blogroll post, I wrote:
Protocols is a team-blog out of NYC by a bunch of YU/ex-YU guys. It's kind of an uber-blog in the Orthodox blogosphere. The guy who posts about 90% of it, is Steven I. Weiss. General Jewish news, and infotainment. A guaranteed solid daily read.
Things have changed. Weiss got himself a paying gig at Forward and has a new "lightly-edited" company blog, Fiddish.

So what's the story with Protocols?

Weiss is still listed as the "founding elder" and appears to still be in charge of the thing. He enlisted the help of a few guest-bloggers to replace his posts. The blog has been pretty uninteresting (to me) since then. And the most-recent guest-blogger also has the benefit of being ignorant, misguided and extremely offensive to the tastes of the blog's (former?) clientele. Now the content sucks, and the comments are all about how the content sucks.

In general, the idea of guest-blogging is pretty shitty. The guest-bloggers haven't found their voices and just post the latest rant that they had in mind. It's not like finding a new blog from Google based on a keyword search. The audience has been following Protocols everyday for the last year. The audience hasn't yet figured out how to relate to the guest-bloggers. And it appears that the guest-bloggers haven't found a way to relate to the existing audience. Weiss, or whichever Elder remains in charge, should just pick one or two new bloggers as a replacement and be done.

I was sticking it out for a while, hoping a better guest-blogger would show up and that the current one would leave. Neither is the case. I'm not against the new Protocols, necessarily. But its character has changed so much, that it can no longer rely on its previous goodness to stay on my blogroll. As soon as its quality standard is raised, I'll gladly put the link up.

However, I am posting three new links to help keep people informed of the ever-changing Jewish blogosphere: Fiddish, The Town Crier and The Village Idiots.

The old Protocols is gone, but there are always better things coming up.