I am a Yid. I like to rock. Veitur!

- [ Tuesday, May 11, 2004 ] -
Proper venue
As far as the Lag B'Omer show goes, the proper venue made all the difference in the world.

I posted about the last time I saw the Moshe Skier Band. Excellent show, but nowhere near what I saw this time.

I saw Yossi a few years ago, just after Purim 2000, the last time he came here. I think he had a different band then. It was for a fund-raiser for the Sephardic Day School. It was an awful, all-star lineup. Each act had its own merit, and some of them were good. I say awful because no thought was put into whether it would be possible to find even one person who would be capable of enduring every single act. The Sephardic dayschool's boys choir, Yaniv, Yoel Sharabi and Yossi Piamenta.Gevalt. Not exactly designed with the music-lover in mind.

The concert was held in a school auditorium that probably seated a few hundred. These concerts never make money. I don't know why they happen, but they do. There are big donors that financially support the entire event. Naturally, the donors get complimentary blocks of tickets for the best seats. Young, unemployed shmoes, like myself, get stuck in the cheap seats.

After agonizing through the musical horror of the evening, culminating with Sharabi, Yossi's band finally took the stage. He started off very quiet, as I'm sure he was warned several times before the show. Before he even had a chance to loosen up a bit, the evil crowd was hounding him.

"Too loud!"

"Turn it down!"

People had their hands over their ears. They were all the old donors who were sitting in the first few rows. My friends and I were in the back yelling, "More! More! Louder! Louder!" Yossi got confused and asked the crowd what they wanted. Money ended up winning, and Yossi ended up playing a set that was full of self-censorship. He never really got into the zone. He was great, but he never really got us to where we needed to go.

Jewish benefits suck.

Why not have music for music's sake? Wouldn't promoting Jewish art for art's sake be an excellent kiddush Hashem instead of a chore?

That was four years ago. Two nights ago, I rocked my Jewish heart out.

Thank you Kfar.