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- [ Tuesday, May 11, 2004 ] -
Manischewitz, the Sheitel Macher
I replied to Monro888. I mentioned that whatever negative things I was posting, I was acting as an advocate for "Jewish consumers and allowing them to make better choices for themselves." I want to remind you that in the post he is complaining about, and previously in this e-mail exchange, I have been talking only about Jewish music and advertising in Jewish music. So Jewish music, and specific examples of it, is pretty much the context here.

Here is an excerpt from Monro888's reply:
If you do have lots of time on your hands why don't you "protect the Jewish consumer" by getting the cost of Matzoh down from $18 a pound so people who cannot afford to make Pesach can have a little peace of mind before Yom Tov? Or how about getting all the Kosher Brand Food Companies to lower their prices instead of ripping off all the frum Yidden who they know have to buy from them? Then again, its not exciting to go on your Blog Loshon Hora & bring up a valid point about Kosher food or Human hair shaitels that are $3000. Perhaps you may be someone who makes his living in the Kosher Food Market or your wife (if you are married) is a Shaitel Macher.
Just for that comment, I'm raising the price of macaroons, as well.