I am a Yid. I like to rock. Veitur!

- [ Sunday, May 09, 2004 ] -
Lag B'Omer, Band #2:
The Moshe Skier Band

First, recall this statement from the last time I saw them.

Now that we're a little more familiar, let me tell you that I was not let down. These guys rocked hard. Yossi Piamenta came out of the side room when these guys started to play. After listening to them for a couple minutes, he looked at me and said, "These guys are good." At the end of the set, right after the unbelievable Carlebach/Jeff Beck jam, the question came up, "can we do one more?" Yossi was standing right in front, and he was into hearing another one before his set.

The band, as a whole, performed great. They were much more intense in this club setting. Last time, at the shul, it was a lot more laid back. It felt like they were in your living room, just telling stories and singing songs. This time, they were there to rock. Every song gripped me and would not let go. The Moshe Skier Band played one good song after another.

The band's name is "Moshe Skier." There would be no band without him. They certainly jammed as one. But I have to say, that the star of last night's show was Mendel Appel. I don't think anyone came to that venue prepared to hear such an awesome display of guitar prowess (at least not from him). Living in Chicago, I have never really had the opportunity to go to a nice rock venue and witness a man with nice black pants, a nice white, button-down shirt, and a huge black velvet kippah rock so hard.

Go to their website. Get on their mailing list. Go see the Moshe Skier Band.

Set List:
  1. Ashrei
  2. Shoshanas Yaakov
  3. Sh'ma Yisroel
  4. Yonah
  5. Light Up
  6. Hafachta
  7. Ani Ma'amin
  8. Shiru Lo
  9. Tzama
  10. Kol Ha'olam Kulo
  11. Shlomo Carlebach/Jeff Beck Jam
  12. Yismechu
I recorded the show and I'm in the process of transferring the recording off my MiniDisc so I can upload it. There was another taper there with better equipment, and he should also have his up very soon.