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- [ Thursday, May 06, 2004 ] -
I'm actually excited about going to see a musical
I'm not a fan of live theater in general. I hate musicals. I hate the music and you know how I feel about live theater.

I saw one musical that I liked. It was a small production at The Improv Olympic called The Roof is on Fiddler. The play was Fiddler on the Roof except all the songs were sung to the tunes of '80s songs. "Tevia's Dream" was "Thriller." "Anatevka" was "Life in a Northern Town." "Matchmaker" was "Like a Virgin." It was very clever. I liked the story and it was fun to guess what songs they would transform next. And the whole thing was done very, very well.

Over Pesach, my in-laws' family had a weekend getaway at a hotel, where they had an active in-house community theater. We all saw West Side Story. Let's just say it wasn't really my thing. I had already seen so many TV show knock-offs (the Goodfeathers, from The Animaniacs, did it best) that I was already familiar with this Shakespeare knock-off. I could have gone either way with the story. But I have to apologize to everybody, especially my wife, I can't stand the soundtrack.

The soundtrack always gets in the way. There are very few big-time, show-tunes soundtracks that I can stomach. I suppose I could listen to Fiddler. And I know every word to the Joseph soundtrack. But I only like that one for nostalgic reasons. We used to listen to it when I was younger on family road trips. I think I'm pretty much incapable of liking any new big-time, show-tunes soundtrack.

My wife has always wanted to go out with me to see a musical. It's something she really likes and would like to share with me. But we both don't want me to ruin her good time. That's why I'm so excited about this musical. I get to do something cool and at the same time, earn points with the wife.

I just bought a pair of tickets to see The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World, a musical about the Shaggs (there's a better bio here) at The Lookingglass Theatre and I'm really psyched to see it.

It's a really messed up story with messed up music. It's the true story of three sisters whose dad took them out of high school so they could practice full-time to be in a band. The dad saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and took that as a sign to fulfill his mother's prophecy. She said his girls would be his saviors by being in a rock band. He pushed them to practice, perform and record records till his death of a heart-attack in 1975. The catch is that they haven't one bit of musical talent among them. But that's all pretty subjective to our culture-worn ears. Who knows? Maybe in a hundred years, people will be laughing at the Beatles. Listen to their songs and it will blow your mind.

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