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- [ Sunday, May 09, 2004 ] -
Blog Loshon Hora Email
Hate mail is a brand new thing for me. Oh sure, I've been involved in my share of flamewars in comment sections and bulletin boards, but this is something really special to me. Especially, because I think I'm right. And writing hate-mail to a blogger is a lose-lose situation for the hater. If you proved me wrong, I can ignore it. If you proved me right, I can publish it, and present it however I want. So here are some goodies, enjoy.
From: Moish JMfan
To: Velvel, SklarO, MOChassid

You should all be ashamed of yourselves!!!
Taking people to pieces as you bloggers have done - might be the reason there is so much tzuris in today's world. Will something really bad have to happen to you to make you think about your actions and words?
I cannot believe that Jews (religious Jews?) can be so disgusting!!!
You can post this message on your blog site - let's see you do that!!!
MoishJMfan, I shouldn't really give you so much attention, because your e-mail was the weakest. Intelligence is usually inversely proportional to the number of exclamation points in the e-mail. As far as I heard. The correlation between events that occur in this world, and our sins is loose, at best. Ever heard of bad things happening to good people? You should hope to repay your sinning debts in this world, rather than the world-to-come. But the point is, advertising with lies is taking advantage of people who don't know any better (I believe it's called "gneivat da'at"). I'm doing a public service. I critique the advertising to save the Jewish music fans from wasting their money on crap. They should know what they are buying. And if people only buy albums because they are best-sellers (Hashem yirachem), then they have a right to know if they are hearing accurate sales figures. Any published material (including blogs) are open to criticism. Jewish Music is not exempt, no matter how observant the people involved.
From: monro888@...
To: Velvel

I finally found the Dedi-Dachs story you maliciously posted in the Blog Loshon Hora Email [his emphasis]. Are you nuts or simply bored? First of all, the Loshon Hora & Richilus you are creating doesn't bother you? A guy Yumi is trying to make a simple living & you guys just bash him because you are bored & have nothing better to do with your lives? And by the way, I'm close with Dedi & decided to make a few calls & find out what really happened on that "terrible day of airline theft" as you call it. You ever hear of knowing the entire story before blabbing or being Don L'kaf Z'chus before posting something that can destroy a persons reputation let alone his Parnassah? The story was a little different than you say it & even how the story was printed. Dedi & Dachs were both supposed to fly first class. For some strange reason, when they got to the gate, Dachs' upgrade was not in the computer but only Dedi's. Since they both have thousands of frequent miles they were both entitled to the upgrade. Dedi arrived at First class only to find 9 seats around him EMPTY. Being that it was a holiday for the rest of the world (Christmas) Dedi did his thing & convinced the lady to let Dachs sit with him! What A big Aveira! You must be a Chofetz Chaim if you tell me straight out you've never done anything like this in your life! I'll tell you one thing. Dachs, Dedi & even Yumi do infact have a part of the world to come. You, Mr. Velvel (or whatever your name is) lost it when you decided to embarrass them B'rabim, over the Internet of all places! "Penny wise, pound foolish"! You should be ashamed of yourself! Get a life!
The background for this is that an anonymous commenter on MOChassid's blog brought up an old issue covered by BlogInDm and The Village Idiots a while ago. I merely clarified the source. I also mentioned that they were "defrauding flight attendants to sit in first class with Dedi." I responded with this letter.
From: Velvel
To: monro888@...

Monro888 (or whatever your name is),

Your complaint about the story is with the person who posted it on the internet: Shloime Dachs. Maybe you should be telling the story on Dachs' site instead. I simply stated how I saw the story written. As it's written, it looks very bad. Call Shloime.

Here is a newsflash for you: you don't have to make up outrageous lies in order to sell CDs to Jews. I will point out all lies in advertising as I see them. No Jew has a right to lie in order to advertise. Yumi is perfectly capable of making a living without lying. If not, then he should find another business. I'm protecting Jewish consumers and allowing them to make better choices for themselves.

Choose your language more appropriately when giving mussar. You certainly don't sound like anyone I need to take advice from.

Would you mind if I posted this e-mail exchange on my "Blog Loshon Hora Email"?
Monro888, I decided to post this without waiting for your permission. I'm a blogger and you sent me hate-mail. That's how it goes. Another point against this letter was brought up to me by the Hassidic Musician (BlogInDm):
I'll just note that even this guy admits that Dedi lied. His argument is essentially that since Dachs "was entitled" to an upgrade, it was ok to be dishonest in order to receive it. I believe that this is a worldview that is all too prevalent in that community, is totally wrong, and that they ought to be called on it. The fact that they not only did it, but used it for PR only compounds the situation.
Go ask your Rabbi if what they did was okay. If I would have heard the story on my own, I wouldn't have repeated it, or at least I would have hidden the names. But what's most disturbing, is that this story is being promoted by the artist as a Kiddush Hashem.

To all the haters. Don't waste my time with your shtuyot. Everyone has a right to create a decent product and to advertise it in an honest manner. Consumers have a right to honest reviews of said products. My opinion on products only count as much as the consumers' respect for my opinions. A bad review is not loshon hora. It's a public service.