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- [ Friday, April 30, 2004 ] -
Spring Forward L'Chayim Advisory
Last week was the first huge Shabbat dinner that my wife and I have hosted in a long time (I'd have to say it was she that cooked everything and all the food was VERY VERY AWESOME). We happened to invite the party crowd this week and there was some drinking. But we made sure to raise the mundane to a level of holiness and there were plenty of z'mirot and excellent ruach.

The next morning, almost everybody was late (later than usual) to shul. A lot of people were feeling the effects of the previous night more than usual. I got a few complaints.

We are blessed with a marvelous group of friends and on there can be lively Shabbat dinners more often than not. We are no strangers to waking up a little groggy. So why did everybody feel so much worse than usual?

The answer is changing the clocks.

The night is always getting shorter this time of year. In addition, when we changed the clocks, morning arrives one hour earlier. This was the first one that we did after the time change.

Less night = less sleep. Less sleep = less recovery time.

So people, let's recall this lesson next year and be prepared. Start earlier, and drink more cautiously as the hour gets later. And as usual, drink plenty of water.

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