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- [ Thursday, April 08, 2004 ] -
Liven Up Your Next Seder
Here's an idea to liven up your next seder:

When someone opens the door to let Eliyahu HaNavi (Elijah, the prophet) in, arrange to have someone actually come in.

For both seders this year, my wife and I ate by my parents. Their next door neighbors (and mine, while growing up), the S family, hosted their extended family (about 30 in total) over for seder #2. Earlier in the day, ES, the mother of the S household, discussed an idea with my brother, A, of someone coming into their house when the door is opened for Eliyahu.

Now A is all over this. He is so into scaring the crap out of people. He started getting antsy during the meal, and we were all watching our neighbors to try and see through their windows, trying to estimate what course of seder they were up to. He invented an excuse for something to borrow and went over during Shulchan Orech (the meal portion of the order) to arrange a signal with E.

While deciding what A should wear, we ruled out my father's Santa hat and beard because we didn't want to offend a non-Jew which we knew was seated at their table. It ended up being a "Scream" mask/hood with a kittel while being barefoot.

When A got the shades signal, we all went to the back porch to watch as A crouched at the bottom of their back steps.

S cousin, AS, opened the door, saw A and said, "ohmyG-d!" and jumped back. Then A ran into the house, around their seder tables, making the same noise as the bad-guy in a rubber mask on Scooby-Doo and tackled easy target and good sport, MS. Everyone was laughing. We could hear it from outside. The two youngest kids, both pretty close to 5 years old, ran away screaming, but then came back when A's mask was ripped off.

I'm pretty sure this had nothing to do with Pesach, but it was pretty funny to catch some people off-guard during the second, and the often-lesser, seder.

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