I am a Yid. I like to rock. Veitur!

- [ Thursday, April 29, 2004 ] -
Jew York Rock
There has been some hullabaloo about some Jewish musical terminology which may be offensive to people who aren't directly involved in the music scene.

On some sheet music, in the area where it's noted what the beat is (eg - "disco"), I have seen a label "Crown Heights Rock" actually printed on the sheet. We all know exactly what that means.

Maybe Heimish is offended, but the fact is in the JM industry, this is a common nomenclature. And I would venture to say, that although they may be different neighborhoods, "Crown Heights Rock" and "Boro Park Rock" mean the same thing. I feel comfortable using either term, although I enjoy using "Hassidisco," a term I learned from BlogInDm.

Maybe the residents of Boro Park or Crown Heights don't actually make the music, but as far as I know, it's widely enjoyed there.

I can certainly say that I think Disco sucks just as easily as I can say that "Boro Park Rock" sucks.

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