I am a Yid. I like to rock. Veitur!

- [ Thursday, March 11, 2004 ] -
Report on my Purim concerts:
I can't really tell you what it was like to attend the shows, but I can tell you what it was like to play them. And I can also tell you what it's like to ask the people who attended what they thought of it and then to empathize with them.

I remember Saturday night as being three great sets. I have no regrets of not recording them. This way, they will always be remembered as great with no evidence otherwise.

I do have a confession to make. I intentionally took "performance-enhancing drugs." So did most of the party.

Eliyahu Hanavi (Moshav Band)
Aveenu Malkeinu (Alter Rebbe)
Mishenichnas/V'Nahafoch medley (with controversial lyrics)
I am a Jew

This was our group's second concert. We were all very psyched to play. Being that this show started very early, we all had to rush from Shabbos to our various megillah readings to the show. And we had to start drinking as soon as possible.

We had timing issues that screwed up our first song. But we tried it again, Shneur got it right and the song came out adequate. We got loosened up a little for Aveenu Malkeinu. (lechayim, Yidden!) I thought it was a little stiff, but I noticed people that caught what it was. And with the exception of Rabbi Nathan, everyone was digging it. (He didn't hate it, he just thought it needed more work.)

We sang the standard Mishenichnas/V'Nahafoch and then switched to the 1/2 speed version that mimics "Pick a Bail of Cotton." We did it the first time with the standard, "mishenichnas" lyrics. Then we threw in the "Whooah...shikur is the ikur...whooah...have another shot...whooah...liquor does it quicker...whooah...have another shot." We have not received any flack about it, and I think at the time, Rabbi Klein, himself was encouraging drinking as well.

So at least people were dancing around now. We sang our flagship song, "I am a Jew," and blew everyone away. Well, not really, but people developed a taste for Farbrengiton and wanted more. I know the version on the website sucks. That was from our first gig. But you get the idea and see how it can be catchy.

We refilled our whiskey cups and continued veitur! We played most of our usual repertoire. And we really got the room cooking. The highlight of this set, I think, was the Chiddush song, Purim Song. There is a version of this song on the Ra'ashan and Chiddush websites. We really worked ourselves up this set, and by the time we were ready to leave, the main attraction was ready to beat everybody into submission.

even sh'siyah
I couldn't even tell you the set list, I was having my own trouble keeping my "Boruch Mordechais" and "Arrur Hamans" straight. I know there was plenty of hippy-dancing. I also know that our new ska version of Carlebach's "Simcha Le'Artzecha" went over very well. And I also kept the crowd jumping by leading our cover of "Give It Away" with alternate lyrics (I'll see about posting them here).

All in all, an excellent Purim evening.

More jewish ska? Where can I find this??

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