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- [ Thursday, March 25, 2004 ] -
Other Nonsense
Apparently, there is nonsense on the web that doesn't come from Jews. On the right, are a few good examples. I don't have a link to the funniest site on the internet, The Onion, because I think everyone's aware of it, and I don't need to stroke their ego any more.

All Dumb has dumb links. There are infinite dumb links on the internet. They give it to you daily, seven at a time.

Cockeyed is very simple. Rob, the proprietor, is a scientist with unending curiosity and a camera-phone. You can find public pranks and search for advertising truths. My favorite section is How much is inside?. Who hasn't wondered?

Black Table is pretty much a professional-quality team-blog. There are interviews, reader-submitted reviews, and regular features. And it always has top-notch links on the left side.

Daily Snopes this is the only place necessary to get your daily dose of weird news links. It takes the best of all the news wires, cuts out the boring stuff, and serves it up to you with concise, two sentence descriptions so you know what you're clicking. Also, go to the root, Snopes.com and do a search for the "warnings" you have in your outbox before you hit the send button.

Memepool has quality links in good context, almost daily. Real stuff, too. No recycled weird-news here.

Davezilla is a consistently funny blog with original content. An entertaining 30 seconds every day. Who could you ask for more? Except for you, you greedy pig.

Sneeze another quality humor blog. Good features include his eight-year-old son's advice column, what it's like to eat weird things and the Global Schoolyard Rhyme Project.

Straight Dope is where you go if you have a question about anything. They're right about everything with sources. It's a syndicated weekly column with a daily version on this site.

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