I am a Yid. I like to rock. Veitur!

- [ Tuesday, March 16, 2004 ] -
My Jewish Blogroll
These blogs are written by/about Jews, mostly. I happen to like Jews and have a vested interest in them.

Blog in Dm rocks. But in a Jewish way. The Hassidic Musician is an anonymous, Orthodox Jew who is a musician on the NYC simcha circuit. This guy has got some strong, controversial opinions and they're all correct. He is very articulate and nails each one of his points home. Highly recommended if you're at all interested in Jewish music. Especially if you don't like Jewish music.

Update (3/20/04): Due to views too far outside the tolerance of this blog (waaaaay too anti-Israel for me.), Jew*School has been removed from the blogroll. I'm sorry to see you go.

Israelly Cool is an Israeli blog written by an Australian expatriate. There is far too much third party scripting on his site and it makes it take forever to load. Aside from that, he is an excellent pundit on news and politics.
Update (4/5/04): Now, it's an excellent site with less clutter and it loads just fine.

Live Journal is kind of a blogging community. It's a network of personal journals and community bulletin boards. The only reason I'm there is to check out the WeirdJews community. It's just like it says. A lot of weird Jews. The assembled Jews are from all walks of Judaism, from Orthodox to vampires. I'll post comments there from time to time.

MO Chassid is a zealous Modern Orthodox man who has some good rants. The world was first introduced to him a week ago by the Hassidic Musician. He likes to point out what's wrong with everybody else and what they should be doing. But somehow, I love to read his stuff. We also happen to be in the middle of an inter-blog discussion. MO-C, you bastard, you rock.

This Normal Life is a blog of neat, little stories about living a family life in Israel. He doesn't post that often. But all his work is quality. He is also published in legitimate Jewish publications.

Protocols is a team-blog out of NYC by a bunch of YU/ex-YU guys. It's kind of an uber-blog in the Orthodox blogosphere. The guy who posts about 90% of it, is Steven I. Weiss. General Jewish news, and infotainment. A guaranteed solid daily read.

The Shaigetz is a really funny, insider view of real Chassidic life in NY. I just read a post where he explains their secret hat code.

Allison Kaplan Sommer, an Israeli housewife, is the author of An Unsealed Room, which was nominated for a 2004 Bloggy. Commentary on living beyond Israeli politics.

The Yada Blog is a Jewish gossip column that basically introduces links with headlines. Most of it ends up in a column for the online magazine, JewsWeek. It reads like the teaser for a Jewish version of Access Hollywood.

YUTopia is written by Rabbi Josh Yuter. He is a Jew living in Chicago, yet I've never met him. He is studying for an advanced degree at U of C and lives far away in Hyde Park. His posts are very intellectual and he has an excellent guitar tablature library for Jewish Music.

Update (5/19/04): An updated version of this is published here.