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- [ Tuesday, March 16, 2004 ] -
My Buddy Blogroll
These blogs are written by friends of mine. So I am partial to them whether they have value to you or not.

Cara of Cara's World writes about the mundane nonsense that affects her life. She is smart and witty and notices many minor irritants in the world. I was considering starting my blog for a few weeks, and when I found out she was preserving her nonsense for posterity, there was no reason for me not to start my own.

Chicago WW is a topical blog, written by my wife. It's her online journal she uses to organize her thoughts about the difficulty of losing the last ten pounds towards her goal weight. She worked very hard to lose 45 pounds in the last year, and I am very proud of her. Feel free to visit and leave encouraging comments.

Yaakov Cohen of Cohen Head is a blog close to my heart. Yaakov was a big part of my scene here in Lakeview, always the life of the party. He is a refreshing, dynamic Yid that livens up any situation with his energy. One day, he decided to pick up an move to Israel (Yasher Koach!). He wrote to his ever growing e-mail list with constant updates on his aliyah progress. Many people were probably thinking it, but I went ahead and set up a blog for him. I still tend it today and correct most of the spelling and some of the grammar.

I'm sure Merlin's Blog will be a fine blog once it gets rolling. It's a team-blog based in NYC with multiple authors. The topics are usually about the dating scene in Manhattan, barfing, and Chicago nostalgia. I went to grade school and high school with Dr. Merlin, and he is very smart and funny. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the time to post regularly and his fellow contributors could use a little guidance in writing and in the technical aspects of operating a blog. Two of the other contributors, Jay and Darrell, are also good friends of mine from way back when. Additionally, there are two other contributors, friends of Merlin from NYC, who have introduced themselves to me as complete assholes. Check out the comments and see how this blog develops.

Well, well, well...if it isn't Sklaro World. He doesn't necessarily right to good, but he gets angry very easily and has some valid points. Semi-anonymous blogger and close friend of mine.

Superfly-Shabadoo, or Dino, as I like to call him, is almost a year old and already has a blog with posts about throwing things and boogers.

Total anarchy continues at Merlin's Blog. Now disgruntled, suspended blogger, Darrell, started his very own hefkerblog, Freedom's Blog where anyone but Merlin is welcome to ask him for a blogging membership.

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