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- [ Tuesday, March 16, 2004 ] -
MO-C: bourbon hata
In response to MO-C's response to my response to his response to my post about a BangItOut list:

"As to the bourbon rather than scotch, I have one word: nebech."

I have tasted plenty of the finest single-malt scotches and I even know a thing or two about them. It's almost impossible to be involved in any kind of shul and not be exposed to it. I like them very much.

I have also tasted some fine bourbons. For you, MO-C, I have the following poem, taken from the Mr. Boston, Official Bartender's and Party Guide.
Some like wines-both white and red
And some like brews from grain.
Some like Scotch and Irish
And plenty choose champagne.

Rum by many is preferred
And brandy makes its boast.
The Dutch and English like their gin
And ale goes well with roast.

Requests for rye in eastern states
Quite frequently are heard;
And the hill folk of the southlands
Make corn a favorite word.

But to folks throughout the nation-
Both rural folks and urban,
The king of distillations
Is the whiskey known as Bourbon.

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