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- [ Monday, March 29, 2004 ] -
Jewish Music Concert Review
I was going through some papers in my closet, while cleaning for Pesach and I came across an old issue of Country Yossi: Family Magazine. May 1998/Sivan 5758. The cover story was, "Things Just Got Hotter!" (here is what a Jewish magazine cover looks like without any ads)

Stacks of this particular issue were brought to Chicago in order to launch an advertising campaign for the cover artist. A bunch of them landed in my closet. This is the only issue of the magazine I have ever seen. (We do have a CY rip-off in Chicago called, Jewish Image, So I'm a little familiar with the genre. More on that another time.)

In the letters and comments section, a fed-up Country Yossi reader writes this actual letter which was published in this issue:
Dear Country Yossi,
      As an avid concert-goer, I would like to express my concern over the kind of music making its way into our Yiddishe community. I attended a concert recently and greatly enjoyed the performers. However, I was shocked and offended by the jazzy, rap-style music of one group. Had I wanted a rocky, meaningless and downright repulsive performance, I could have gone to a rock concert or tuned in to some funky FM station.
      Are these the role models we would like for our children? Is this the style of music befitting a frum community?

A concerned concert goer

I have nothing to say about this letter. It is here for your enjoyment.

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