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- [ Sunday, March 21, 2004 ] -
Good-Guy Blogroll
To your right you will see the "Good-Guy Blogroll." This blogroll is mostly political. These guys are good. Meaning, they're the good guys. The authors of these aren't all Jewish. But at least they seem to like Jews.

Allah is in the House, AKA Allah Pundit, is written from the point of view of the Islamic terrorists' Allah. Funny political commentary, and very funny photoshopped pics (if you can get them past your firewall). When done properly (as is the case with "Allah"), it's very comforting to read jokes about all the really horrible things happening to us.

IsraPundit is a very prolific multiblog with news and views advocating Israel. It's updated about a dozen times a day.

I don't know why Little Green Footballs is called, "Little Green Footballs." I did a Google search, and all I found was some kind of plant whose buds start out looking like little green footballs. LGF points out examples of clear bias in the international press and anti-semitism disguised as political activism. A daily, must-read.

The Politburo Diktat is written from the view of a Jew-hating communist, The Commissar. But as it turns out, he's not actually a Jew-hating communist. His political commentary is more from the standpoint of Islam vs America and the right vs evil. He has some maps of Spain and what it will look like between now and the year 2030. The Commissar is also very savvy when it comes to all things blogosphere. The Party (communist) commands you to learn about blog syndicate feeds. Da. It's saved me hours of procrastinating.

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