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- [ Wednesday, March 03, 2004 ] -
Dick Schwartz, the Veggy King
In JewSchool, mobius posted the following link: 11 reasons why Purim is a vegetarian holiday

I have nothing against vegetarians. There are many good arguments for being vegetarian. I'm not debating that. It's just this guy's dumb article. According to his logic (using the term extremely loosely) most of these "connections" actually go to show why Purim has nothing to do with vegetarianism. Except by his amazing use of the words, "in contrast," he manages to tack on his pro-vegetarian factoids.
2. During Purim it is a mitzvah to give "mat'not evyonim" ... In contrast to these acts of sharing and compassion, animal-based diets involve the feeding of over 70 percent of the grain in the United States to animals, while an estimate 20 million people die of hunger and its effects annually.
So what's the deal? Why am I writing about this? I followed the links in his article and came up with his AOL address. So of course, I tried to engage him in an AIM discussion. Here it is! (Note: My AIM name is changed. You wouldn't want random googlers IMing you throughout the day and hassling you, would you?)

[velvel]: I just read your article about 11 reasons why Purim is a veggy holiday
RSchw12345: what did you think re it?
[velvel]: only #1 was a real association.
[velvel]: did you write it for morons?
[velvel]: the rest of it is cramming your agenda into unrelated and repetative points about Purim
RSchw12345: No, it is designed to get people to think more deeply re our diets. isn't the bigger problem that so many have a diet that endangers their lives and the planet and mistreats so many animals, etc.
[velvel]: that's fine. but it doesn't really have anything to do with Purim.
RSchw12345: Fortunately, I have received positive responses as well to my articles.
[velvel]: by your reasoning, every holiday would be a veggy holiday
RSchw12345: Why not?
Please see my article, "what Diet Does G-d Prefer for Humans?" at JewishVeg.com/schwartz
[velvel]: why did G-d have Noah bring 7 of every kosher animal on the ark?
RSchw12345: If vegetarianism wasn't being ignored by the Jewish establishment, I wouldn't have to write such articles.
[velvel]: it's not about Purim
[velvel]: you have to bridge the gap with some kind of logic
[velvel]: you're missing a few steps
[velvel]: I agree with you somewhat. Veggies=good. good health, good planet, no cruelty
[velvel]: but relating it to Purim makes no sense
RSchw12345: Sorry, no time to debate you now. If you are willing to engage in a public debate perhaps on a radio program, or can get any rabbi to do so, please let me know.
Thanks, and shalom,
You got your wish, Dick. Now, the debate is public.

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